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Indoor Blinds: Why Choose Zebra Blinds?

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If you have a mix of light and privacy needs, then it can be hard to pick blinds that meet both these criteria at once. Some blinds give easy light control but don't give you much privacy against people seeing through a window; others give you complete privacy but minimise the light that can come in.

If you're looking for blinds that can adapt to your needs, then zebra blinds may be worth a look. How do these blinds work and what are their advantages?

What Are Zebra Blinds?

Zebra blinds work on a two-layer principle. Typically, these blinds are made from bands of a dark material and a light material, like a sheer or voile, that slide together or apart when you operate the blinds.

When the blinds are closed, the dark part of the blind closes out light and gives you privacy. In this position, the blind looks like a regular dark roller blind or closed Venetian. You can't see out through the blind; people usually can't see in if you've chosen a black-out fabric for this layer.

When you start to open the blinds, the lighter layer comes to the fore as the bands move apart. If you open the slats a little, you get a mix of the darker fabric and the lighter one in a stripe-like pattern — hence the zebra name. The more you open the blinds, the more you reveal the lighter underlayer and hide the dark one.

What Are the Benefits of Zebra Blinds?

The main advantage of zebra blinds is the extra control they give you. These blinds can double up. When they are closed, or even partly closed, then you get more privacy from the outside world and more shade in the room.

However, as you open these blinds, you can control how much light comes into the room. The lighter layer on the blinds still gives you some privacy but also allows you to let light come in through the window.

Zebra blinds also come in a range of designs. For example, you can choose anything from a simple white blind to blinds that mix strong colours or decorative fabrics with a more subtle lighter layer. If you want a classic or contemporary look, then these blinds may fit the bill.

To see zebra blinds in action and to find out more about your design options, talk to your local indoor blinds supplier. They can also tell you more about how these blinds work to enhance both your privacy and light control.