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The Best Cleaning Tips for Your Fabric Awnings

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Awnings are the most elementary types of air conditioners you can find today. They literally shield your loved ones and property from harmful sun rays and other elements. When you install them over patios, doors or windows, awnings provide a perfect shade needed to maintain habitable indoor temperatures. This reduces the energy costs you would incur when using electrical air conditions. Today, there are many types of awnings in the market. Examples include fabric, canvas and aluminium awnings. This article highlights the tips you need when cleaning your fabric awnings

Protect the Underneath of the Awning 

Cleaning your awnings should not happen at the expense of the other stuff you have at home. The chemicals you use to clean the fabric is unfriendly for flowers and plants you have nearly. If the chemicals find their way to the ground, they will kill the flowers and other plants growing in the area underneath the awnings. Therefore, it is judicious to lay down a tarp to cover the plants as you clean. Make sure you secure the tarp with stakes to keep it in place the whole time. 

Remove Loose Dust

The cleaning process begins with dusting the fabric awning to remove loose dust particles and pollen grains from nearby plants. It's important that you do this first before spraying or moistening the fabric awning because the dust will turn muddy and complicate the cleaning process. Note that fabric absorbs moisture to some extent, and the muddy awnings will require extensive scrubbing. 

Moisten the Awning and Apply a Cleaning Solution

Spray a jet of water down the awning using a garden hose to ready it for thorough cleaning. Make sure that the water from the hose hits the fabric gently to prevent any damage to the material. You can mix the water with any of the following cleaning agents: 

  • Vinegar – Vinegar is effective for removing mildew and dirt without affecting the fabric. It also kills bacteria and mould thriving on the awning. 
  • Dishwashing Agents – many dishwashing agents found in the market are gentle on your hands and fabric. You can use them to clean your fabric awning. 
  • Baking soda paste – water and baking soda form an aggressive paste that removes dirt from fabric without damaging the material. Additionally, the paste rinses away quite easily as you finish off the cleaning. 

Finally, rinse your fabric awning thoroughly with clean water and let it dry in the open air. Make sure it does not roll up when drying.