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4 Reasons to Choose Panel Glides Over Perfect Fit Blinds

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There are plenty of options for covering your windows, but two of the newest are panel glides and perfect fit blinds. Panel glides are made of several large fabric segments that can be pulled across a larger space, while perfect fit blinds are made to fit perfectly within the frame of a window, covering the glass and nothing else.

Both can be a great option, especially when you have a lot of glass to cover, but here are just four reasons why you're better off choosing panel glides.

1. Easier and Quicker Operation

Probably the most compelling reason to choose a panel glide system is the ease and speed of operation. With perfect fit blinds, you need to adjust each one individually, which can be such a bother you might not end up doing it. With panel glide systems, everything is connected – closing or opening them simply means pulling them open or closed. You can even choose to have your panel glides motorised for added convenience.

2. Complete Coverage

The appeal of perfect fit blinds is that they fit inside window or glass door frames to block out the light and maintain privacy. The idea is to make blinds feel less in the way, but the problem is that such a design can seem a little too broken up across a larger area with lots of windows. Panel glides don't suffer from the same problem. You can cover whole walls completely, which provides a much bolder appearance.

3. Less Temperamental

There's not much that can go wrong with panel glides. They're very light, and they simply slide along one fixed rail. In contrast, perfect fit blinds can be a little more finicky. For starters, there tends to be more of them when you're covering a larger space. Their mechanisms are easier to damage, and even slight structural issues with the property can knock them out of alignment.

4. Less Obtrusive

People tend to be attracted to perfect fit blinds because they aren't as obtrusive as regular blinds. However, they're still more conspicuous than panel glides. While perfect fit blinds need to sit at the top of the frame when the window is left uncovered, panel glides can be collapsed against a wall to leave the windows themselves totally free from cover. Panel glides can make a bold visual statement when covering your windows and then sit barely noticeable next to them when pulled open.

Contact a local window treatment supplier to learn more about panel glides