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3 Projects That Will Inject Some Personality Into Your Bland Inner City Apartment

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Apartment living is on the increase in major cities all around the country. For many people, buying a home in one of the many high-density apartment complexes in a city provides an affordable way to enter the competitive property market without giving up the convenience of an inner city location.

One of the downsides to buying this type of home is that they can sometimes feel a little stark and unremarkable. What you gain in affordability and convenience is often at the loss of unique features and architectural style. Fortunately, it's possible to customise a generic apartment with a few simple additions. If you'd like to add some flair and personality to your new apartment, here are three projects that will help.

1. Add decorative blinds

Blinds are the most common window dressing in small, city apartments. They're streamlined and unobtrusive, which is important when space is at a premium. However, this doesn't mean you have to be complacent with the standard, neutral blinds that apartments generally come with.

Replacing the existing blinds with some more adventurous decorative blinds can add some colour and pattern to your apartment. There is a wide range of different styles, including retro florals, soft botanical prints and geometric designs, to choose from.

2. Paint a feature wall

Another almost ubiquitous element in large-scale apartment buildings is wall-to-wall white paint. While this palette has its benefits, such as making the space feel larger and brighter, it can also be a bit homogeneous and stark. While you may not want to spend the time and money on a complete repaint, you can soften the look by painting a feature wall in one or more rooms.

Feature walls can make a massive difference to a room without making it feel closed in or dark. Colours that are currently trending for feature walls include soft pastels, deep jewel-inspired tones and metallic effects. However, you don't need to restrict yourself to what's fashionable if you prefer a bolder or more dramatic effect.

3. Introduce some greenery

Another pitfall of apartment living is the lack of garden. Yet, having living plants in your environment is good for both your mental and physical health. Plants have a calming effect, and they can also aid in improving the internal air quality, which can be poor in city environments.

Fortunately, there are many types of plants that will thrive indoors, such as ferns, lilies and succulents. Plants also provide colour, texture and visual layers that will help to make your home feel more individual and personalised.