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The Benefits of Fitting Roller Blinds to Bi-Folding Doors

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If you have fitted bi-folding doors in your home, then the chances are that they will be glazed from the floor to the ceiling. Most bi-folding doors that are bought in Australia are fitted to the rear of the home in order to make a removable wall which can either be filled with an expanse of glass or nothing at all, depending on the mode. Essentially, they are designed to make your patio or garden a part of the home, much like you have an additional 'outdoor' room. They are able to fold right out of the way which makes them superior to sliding patio doors in many ways.

However, like French doors and patio doors, bi-folding doors can often allow too much light during the middle of the day. This is why fitting blinds can make so much sense.

Cut Out the Top Light

When you drop a roller blind down, it will first shut out the light that is coming through at the top of the window. In the case of a bi-folding door, especially one that is north-facing, this means you can regulate excessive sunlight from coming into your home without making it completely dark. On the other hand, curtains move sideways so you often have to draw then completely to cut out the sun at all. By dropping your blinds a little, you are able to lower the amount of heat energy that is building up inside, too. In turn, this should help to lower your electricity bills because your air-conditioning system will not need to work so hard.

Complete Privacy

Another important factor that comes into play with indoor roller blinds is that they can shut out prying eyes altogether. This is something to consider if your bi-folding doors can be seen from a neighbouring property or from over your garden fence. Not only do they mean that you can get on with whatever you are doing inside without worrying about being seen, but they add to the security of your home when you are out. Would-be intruders are simply not able to check out your possessions if they are dropped down fully.

Partially Open Doors

When you want your bi-folding doors open, you can either open them fully or partially. However you choose to do this, roller blinds are ideal. Each should be sized to match the exact width of each glazing panel so that you can raise only the ones that need to be in order to get in and out. The large spans of Venetian blinds—as well as curtains—do not allow you to operate your doors in this way quite so easily.