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4 Important Features to Look for in Aluminium Storm Shutters

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If you live in an area that's prone to inclement weather, storm shutters can protect your windows from damage. These shutters are some of the most cost-effective alternatives for preventing damage from flying debris, strong winds and heavy rainfall.

Many storm shutters are made from aluminium, owing to its durability. Aluminium shutters are corrosion resistant, cost effective and easy to install. When looking for aluminium storm shutters for your premises, there are several important features that will define how useful your shutters are moving forward.

Here are 4 important features to look out for.

1. A secure locking mechanism

Aluminium shutters provide the best protection when installed on the outside surface of your windows. If there is an incoming storm, your shutters will need to lock tightly so they can remain firmly in place. Look for aluminium shutters that have a sturdy deadbolt or latch locking mechanism. The lock should remain firmly in place to keep your shutters resistant to strong winds and heavy rainfall.

2. A tight fit for each window opening

With storm shutters, you can't afford to have loosely fitting panels over each window. A firm fit is important because it will prevent the rattling and movement of your aluminium shutters during inclement weather. In some cases, you may need to select customised panels that are designed specifically for your window frames. And during installation, make sure the panels are anchored firmly in place.

3. A durable track system for easy opening and closing

An important part of storm shutters is determining how easily they can open or close. You need a smooth mechanism that will allow you to close the shutters even at the last minute before a storm. While there are many opening and closing mechanisms available, tracks are effective options. Look for aluminium shutters that can slide smoothly across a reinforced tracking system. Tracks also allow you to overlap multiple aluminium panels for additional security against inclement weather.

For smaller windows, hinges may work well as long as you maintain them on a regular basis. Loose hinges can cause your shutters to fly off when exposed to strong winds.

4. Easy installation in multiple directions

Another benefit of aluminium storm shutters is that they are quite easy to install. Make sure your shutters don't cause you headaches during the installation process. For the best results, they should fit your windows both horizontally and vertically.