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Can Roller Shutters Protect Your Home From Bushfires?

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If you live under the threat of bushfires, then you'll do everything you can to protect your property. Adding metal roller shutters to your windows may be a good move. As well as giving you extra security and sun protection, window shutters can have some benefits if a fire is close to your home.

How can these shutters protect your property from fire?

Keep Your Windows More Secure

The heat from a bushfire can be so intense that it blows window glass. Once your windows lose their glass, they are immediately open to the fire and its effects. Glass can also be broken by any debris that may be flying around if it is also windy when there is a fire.

If you install special metal roller shutters on your windows, then you get some extra protection for your glass. Insulated shutters may carry less heat to your windows; the shutters themselves will absorb some of the heat that would otherwise go straight to the glass. The shutters also protect your window against being broken by anything that is flying about.

Keep Your Home Safer

While your windows stand a better chance of staying intact if you have roller shutters in front of them, they may still shatter if the conditions around your house get too hot. If your windows are unprotected, then they can act as a fire conduit.

As well as letting smoke into your home, embers from the fires may fly in through your windows. These embers could start small fires in your property that spread fast and cause a lot of internal damage.

Roller shutters give you another protection shield. Even if you lose your windows, the shutters deflect flying objects and embers. They may protect the interior of your home against smoke damage and keep it from catching fire.

Not all roller shutters do this job -- obviously wooden shutters are next to useless in a fire. To get the best protection, you need metal shutters here.

It's also important to install shutters that are marked as being bushfire rated. This doesn't mean that the shutters are 100% fire resistant, but it does mean that they can withstand the effects of fire for longer than regular products.

If you think metal roller shutters will help you protect your home, contact local window shutter companies. Ask them about their bushfire products and how they work. They will be able to tell you more about the benefits.