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4 Things a Security Window Screen Will Keep Out of Your Home

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Security window screens are designed to keep out intruders that would otherwise make short work of your windows. No matter what their design, i.e. fibreglass, steel, large mesh or small mesh, an intruder with a crowbar should struggle to break through a security window screen.

However, window screens keep out a lot more than just burglars. If you are considering placing security window screens on your ground floor windows, remember — they can keep out more than just burglars.

1. Storm Debris

A good window grille that complies with Australian (AS) Standards can stop crowbars and knifes in their tracks. This ability also allows security screens, whether made from fibreglass or stainless steel mesh, to stop flying debris such as stray tree limbs.

If, for example, a storm kicks up all of a sudden and you have forgotten to close a window, your window screen will stop stray leaves, rubbish and anything else that a storm can throw at you.

2. Insects

If you select a security grille with smaller mesh holes, you can keep your house cool in summer without worrying about insects or spiders getting into your home. This is especially handy in summer when roving wasps will be on the lookout for sugary treats in your home.

3. Cats

The average cat is wily and agile enough to get up to, and through, an open window, no matter how high it is. If you keep birds or rodents, such as gerbils, they could become a target for roaming cats if you leave the window open to air their room. To keep them safe, install a security window screen.

The same applies to your own cats. Maybe you want to keep them in — or out — and a security screen will allow you to do that.

4. Stray Cricket Balls

If a security window screen can stop a knife, it can stop an incoming cricket ball. Does your area see a lot of cricket or other sports that require a ball? Then your windows could be at risk. To protect your windows from cricket balls etc., install a window grille. That way, you won't have to keep telling the local kids off when they damage your windows.

Security window screens don't take very long to install. In some cases, they can be installed in as little as 15 minutes. As a result, if you need some added protection for your windows, you can have it started and completed in a morning.